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Hello world and Happy Solstice!

December 23, 2006

This is my virgin foray into blogging. Have kept a journal since was 8 years old. Now, it goes cyber.

Have finished the last dregs of Mikearita while my husband was out probably having a real margarita with his brother. When your 9 month old baby is asleep, you cannot spontaneously go out for drinks like you once used to.

It’s that time of year……..when folks look back on the year. Received a lovely Christmas letter from my friend from college, Rory. He’s a real dear. His letter was filled with tales of going to 8 ski resorts in 7 days, soccer games, going to India for work, and other escapades.

I did not write a Christmas letter this year. If I had , it would have sucked. All I could really have written about was my water breaking at work, when we (as in my baby and i) became breastfeeding champions, switching, to cloth diapers, etc. Decided to follow the Golden Rule: since I would never like such a letter, decided to spare others from reading mine.

You see, I am a stay-at-home-mod. NOT a “stay at home mom”. No, never!!! I suppose the term “stay at home mom” is tidge better than “housewife” or “homemaker.” Yet, to me, the term is inadequate, at least, offensive and god awful at most.

Want me to explain? Well, cannot articulate it fully right now to be honest. All is know is that I googled “stay at home mome blog” before creating my own and was pretty horrified by what I saw. The results of the search brought up banal examples of mom blogs (and resembled what my ficticious Christmas letter would have been):

Janie weighed ten pounds in the month of X. In Y, Janie began cooing. In Z, Janie began sitting up on her own, etc.

Stuff of nonsense. Don’t get me wrong – I believe the internet and blogs especially can be a great way for families to keep in touch. But why are so many of those blogs public?

Why is mine public?

Because it’s going to be about reclaiming my life from the more than full time job of motherhood. And I need to go outside my family unit to do it.