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Cousin, Cousine

December 23, 2006

Ok, somehow I just lost the draft of my post so I am livid at myself right now.

Back to the McLaughlin group. Http://

It was surreal to see Pat Buchanan name Angelina Jolie “Most Charismatic of 2006,” Tony Blankely to name Gwenyth Paltrow as “Worst Turncoat of 2006,” and the guy from MSNBC (cannot find his name on TMG website) name Tom Cruise as “Best Comeback of 2006.” Pul-leaze! Believe Tony’s comment was mostly tongue in cheek but the other two seemed sincere. If I want to hear those names mentionned, I will turn on ET or pick up People Magazine (which I am known to do) so do not pollute TMG with that celebrity worship shiite.

Back also to the Great Northwest Power Windstorm and Power Outage of 2006. So, now here is a clue. Was affected by this. Mi casa is situated in a place that gets windstorms all the time – this one was stronger, longer, and more impressive. Losing power from 1 am Friday 15 Dec to 9:30 pm Tuesday 19 Dec somehow took a lot of magic out of this time of year from me. For those of us who can call the Northern Hemisphere our home, it is human and natural to have a festival (of lights) this time of year: Saturnalia, Chanukah,Yule, Solstice, Christmas, el-Eid, Kwanazaa, and so on. You need to be reminded of the light at the end of the tunnel! (more…)